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SquSu Installations Job Management Portal

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The SqSu installations job management portal was developed from a job sign-off and reporting system designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of shop-fitting companies and to enable seamless reporting of completed jobs to their customers.

As a bespoke system, it's designed to be flexible so it can be adapted to fit with the way your company works currently and to evolve as your business changes.

New modules can be developed and incorporated to add more features and functionality as the need arises and changes made to existing ones.

Features of the installations management system

Web-based platform

A web-based application, it can be used by any device with a web-browser and internet access.

Project management

From initial job set-up through to completion and sign-off, the right people have access to the information they need to stay on top of the job.

Job types

From one-off jobs and single-location projects to rollouts covering an unlimited number of locations, the job management portal speeds up all stages from set-up to completion.

Overview reports

Schedules of work at all stages from initial set-up to at-a-glance RAG feedback for completed jobs.

All the details in one place

Full details of each job can be viewed on one page, including start-dates, revenue and costs, scope of works, job assignments.

Document handling

Manuals, worksheets and other job documents can be retrieved quickly and easily, avoiding the need to distribute hard copy or send emails to everyone.

Deliveries management

Set up delivery times and wait times for installation jobs and create schedules of delivery-only jobs.

Contractor assignment

Assign contractors to jobs and make changes as required. Contractors enter foremen's contact details enabling project managers to communicate directly with those on site.

Job sign-off

Contractors upload a scanned or photographed sign-off sheet and/or photos of completed work and/or problems, and complete a RAG feedback questionnaire. Additional feedback comments can be entered and jobs can be marked for urgent attention.

Job completion reports for customers

Job sign-off reports can be made immediately available to customers or held back for review before being released.

Finance reporting

Finance reports are compiled with details of revenue, costs, job codes, PO numbers and invoice numbers.

Data export

Reports can be exported in csv or tsv format for import into spreadsheet applications such as Excel.

Contractor invoicing system

An invoicing facility for contractors to issue standardized invoices. Only completed jobs can be invoiced and, as details are all drawn from the job database, errors by contractors are eliminated.

The portal provides access for a range of different job roles to view and or manage jobs at various stages.

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